High Life Harry

Auld-Games are proud to present their second released android game, High Life Harry.

High Life Harry is a retro 80′s styled platform game from the ZX Spectrum era.

Harry is ready to go on holiday but first he must go round his obscenely lavish mansion and collect all his expensive possessions to put in storage out of fear of having his obscene wealth stolen.

The only problem is that after one to many Chateau de Chasselas’ he’s only gone and left his front door unlocked and all manner of beasties have got in and scattered his possessions within the grounds.

Luckily the security system kicked in and nothing was made off with but it’s now gonna be a lot tougher to get everything back!

This is a retro game in the style of Jetset Willy and Manic Miner, a tribute to the dawn of the 8 bit era.
Quite tough for retro novices but the inclusion of a save game feature should help with that.

The controls are simple.
Touch screen left, right and jump.
Avoid the baddies and collect the flashing Items.
Easy as eating pancakes!

You may grab it from the Google Play store here.

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